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Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.
- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Turing ACE℠
by Method360

We are in a world overwhelmed by data with a desperate need for insight. Your leaders are ill-equipped to handle data at scale and worse, they are not trained to overcome bias. Most analytics investments you have made will continue to represent little more than the summary data we had in an older technology being represented in a new, more modern platform.

It does not have to be this way.

Turing ACE℠ by Method360 was specifically conceived to bring Data Science experts and the latest technology to your challenges with a new perspective and  insight regarding the people equation. At Method360 we want to take your most challenging business problems and use data to drive meaningful insight for you. 

Every case we tackle for a client is to address a question:

“How can we increase revenue?” or

“Why are we losing clients?” or

“How can we better anticipate changes in demand?”

When everything you do is an answer to a question, which question we ask becomes incredibly important. Most technology investments today are being pursued with little appreciation for the question they are intended to answer. Most analytics investments will continue to represent little more than the summary data generated from your process and systems with no real meaningful insight.

Analysing data

We utilize the latest university research, most modern platforms whether Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Robotic Process Automation. Empowering you and your people to use these capabilities to their full potential requires a specific accommodation for the way humans process information. 

At the intersection of mathematics, economics, cognitive psychology, and the most modern technology is where the world’s foremost problems lie. At Method360, we are committed to tackling challenges of enterprise computing with a new and compelling approach that considers the human element and the influence of bias.

Improve your ability to see beyond the blind spots you face. Generate meaningful insights to improve your business with Turing ACE℠ by Method360.

We welcome the opportunity to discover the answers to your most pressing questions.

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

― Aldous Huxley

Fundamental to the Method360 approach is to apply data and mathematics to establish the facts. To determine the story that the data is telling without predetermining the outcome. We use the insight generated by the process your firm executes and we connect it to the markets you serve. We use the latest technology to bring you these advanced insights, yet it is appreciation for the human element that makes our methodology compelling.

When people are overwhelmed it leads to bias. We model and consider the impact of your culture, practices, and systems and how they might be influencing the outcome. Taking a 360° view of a problem is fundamental to our process.