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Google Cloud Platform 

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.”

- Paul Maritz

Cloud Migration Services

Leveraging the cloud is now widely accepted as one of the key strategic imperatives for driving true digital transformation. Organizations of all sizes are turning to cloud computing as a means to support increased flexibility, collaboration, and actionable insights to improve market share, top-line revenue performance, cost efficiency, or customer engagement.


If, by some chance, you have all of the above capabilities, it is likely you are not controlling for the bias in the execution of your pricing strategy by your salesforce.

It does not have to be this way. Method360 has advanced insight and the latest technology to improve your pricing in order to maximize your revenue and margin. We work with your team to build mathematical models that calculate the factors for the optimal adaptable pricing strategy. By embedding analytics into your processes, we provide fact-based evidence to combat the bias of your salesforce during execution.

With our pricing optimization solution, the Tversky Anchor℠, we bring to bear a new generation of capability to correlate factors, known and unknown. Once connected to the factors that determine performance, the Tversky Anchor℠, calculates the offers that maximize your margin performance.


By embedding price analytics into your sales process itself you can create a more powerful experience for your customers, see your strategy come to life, and maximize your revenue and margin.

"Cloud computing is the third wave of the digital revolution.”

- Lowell McAdam

Over the years, Google has looked to Method360 to enable digital innovation across Google’s market leading cloud platform services, which is inclusive of hosted workloads (compute), data storage, data security, advanced data management  and analytics capabilities. Our seasoned Google Cloud advisory and implementation teams partner closely with customers to accelerate the migration to the cloud and to actionably support incremental agility and business value. 

Method360 offers flexible infrastructure modernization approaches from advisory to re-host to re-platform. Over time we’ve seen numerous examples where technology leadership gets caught in analysis-paralysis focused on topics such as the maintenance & support strategy or debating the value of a cloud migration for the various implementation approaches. It is clear the march to the cloud is real and quite compelling once you’ve taken the steps to get yourself “moved and settled”. As one of our customers recently stated, “We need to get our workloads to the cloud anyway, so why take intermediary steps with hardware upgrades and re-deployments of on-premise workloads? It is time to get this done, and Method360 has been a tremendous partner in getting us migrated.”

Whether you are seeking advice on which cloud provider and platform to use or how to strategically leverage a multi-cloud environment including the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) based upon its compelling capability-to-cost profile, our expert team will educate and guide you every step of the way. Our customers often run large ERP landscapes like SAP and for that they need a hosting platform that is not only flexible, scalable, and secure but that can be migrated and dynamically scaled based upon the needs of the enterprise. At Method360 our Google Cloud migration teams can engage with you at any stage of your cloud initiative to advise, educate, design and implement a solution with you which fits your current needs as well as best position you to deploy future capabilities with speed to compete in the quickly evolving global marketplace.   The Google Cloud Platform has so many other capabilities that can be leveraged once “on the hosted platform”, such as live streaming of image/video feeds, IoT streaming sources, and out-of-the-box artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) frameworks for immediate deployment. 

Given that cloud migrations are often the first step for large applications or landscapes, we know the importance of aligning your objectives with a future state architecture that will scale with minimal business disruption and position your business to realize the full value of GCP's advanced AI/ML capabilities. Method360 prides itself on the ability to quickly migrate customers from on-premise, or other hyper-scale, landscapes to GCP. We get most excited about what is possible once you have moved to the cloud.

Once you’ve migrated to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you will be positioned to leverage a wide range of modern data and analytics capabilities that will position your organization to drive innovation and competitive advantage. In the modern enterprise of today, and into the near future, the deployment of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) automation or more holistic advanced analytics that combines structured enterprise data sources along with streaming semi-structure/unstructured data sources will be key to your survival.

Our Google Cloud Platform Services Include:


 Platform Migration Services

>  Lift and Shift Services (migrating on-premise or other hyper-scale workloads to Google Cloud Platform): Method360 provides proven and trusted methodologies to seamlessly migrate existing application workloads -- SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Hybris, SAP BW, SAP BusinessObjects, Tableau, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. -- to Google Cloud Platform. Over multiple years of experiences working with large enterprises, Method360’s cloud migration team has enhanced our rapid delivery methodology to accelerate speed to benefits.

>  Cloud Workload Performance Optimization: Once moved to GCP the Method360 team will work closely with your Cloud Data Platform Engineers to fine tune the efficiency and productivity of your in-scope microservices architecture. Additionally, Method360 can offer ongoing Managed Services for landscape support.

>  Anthos extensions to support hybrid cloud applications (on-premise and GCP hosted) and achieve operational consistency


>  Application Modernization (can be delivered as Brownfield implementation or after “lift and shift” workload migrations): It’s often not enough to only migrate to the cloud, it’s about what you do once you’re there. Our goal is to help you realize where new capabilities are required and to organize an agile deployment framework for accelerating application development and advanced analytics use cases inside your organization. We partner closely to define process frameworks that advance productivity and collaboration through the lens of efficient data orchestration and better analytics as a competitive edge. Our post-migration GCP services offerings include standing up new capabilities that replace aged 3rd party applications (i.e. SAP BW) or to address net new high-value business use cases that require modern capabilities that don’t exist inside your hosted 3rd party application (i.e. Machine Learning). The GCP product portfolio is quite broad and deep, and we work to partner closely with you to education on the available options and to help you materialize GCP application components in support of rapid use case deployment:

                 >  GCP Bigtable​

                 >  GCP Pub/Sub

                 >  GCP Big Query

                 >  GCP Data Fusion

                 >  GCP Data Catalog

                 >  GCP Dataprep/ML

                 >  Looker BI

To support customer evaluations, Method360 offers a “GCP Ideation” landscape to support education and POCs of GCP capabilities in support of either greenfield (net new) deployments or how modern cloud-native data engineering, data science, and advanced analytics capabilities can be materialized post-migration in a single or multi-cloud landscape.


Hybrid Cloud and Analytics Modernization Services  


Method360 is proud of its history of working with Fortune 1000 companies – our client list spans healthcare, consumer products, retail, media and entertainment, industrials and manufacturing, oil and gas, public sector and digital natives. When it comes to GCP-based application migration services and advanced data and analytics solutions, Method360 is considered a trusted market leader. Our entire focus is close collaboration with our customers and the realization of positive business outcomes from your decision to modernize on Google Cloud. 

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