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"The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world."
- Malcolm Gladwell

The Tversky Anchor℠
by Method360

You are leaving money on the table. The pricing and discounting elements of your business are the areas where the least technology has been applied. Though it is the element of your business that is the most impactful, it is also ruled by tradition and bias. You are likely missing the most compelling opportunity to drive results into your business while creating the least disruption. 

When it comes to pricing, your system is limited in computing the multitude of factors driving your customer offers. You may not have embedded, real time access to the external data you know affects pricing. And, in most cases, your bias prevents you from seeing factors that could drive improved performance.

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"One of the things that price consultants have learned is that what consumers say and what they do are not the same thing.” 

- William Poundstone

If, by some chance, you have all of the above capabilities, you are not controlling for the bias in the execution of your pricing strategy by your salesforce

It does not have to be this way. Method360 has advanced insight and the latest technology to improve your pricing in order to maximize your revenue and margin. We work with your team to build mathematical models that calculate the factors for the optimal adaptable pricing strategy. By embedding analytics into your processes, we provide fact-based evidence to combat the bias of your salesforce during execution.

With the Tversky Anchor we bring to bear a new generation of capability to correlate factors, known and unknown. Once connected to the factors that determine performance, the Tversky Anchor, calculates the offers that maximize your margin performance.


By embedding price analytics into your sales process itself you can create a more powerful experience for your customers, see your strategy come to life, and maximize your revenue and margin.

Making this pricing model fact-based, and considering factors too numerous for a human to consider, creates a fact-based pricing structure that diminishes intended and unintended bias.

These pricing blind-spots are often more pronounced when your product or service is sold through resellers, and where pricing analysts, sales operations teams, and customer-facing sales organizations lack a holistic 360° view of the historical deal patterns as well as flexible prescriptive models that can propose “alternate” pricing strategies.

The intersection of mathematics, economics, cognitive psychology, and technology is where answers to the world’s foremost problems lie. Method360 is committed to tackling these challenges leveraging a new and compelling approach that considers the human element and the influence of bias. 

Unify your data. Unify your decisions. Maximize revenue and regain control of your pricing and profits with the Tversky Anchor℠ by Method360. 


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