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Understanding the impact and leveraging lessons learned.

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Improved margin and automated the optimization of the global supply-chain.



The client needed accurate clean customer and finance data with decision simulation for faster business insights. Key drivers were new levels of control for inventory reconsolidation, plant expenses, price details, and modeling effects of operational decisions. A complex data architecture severely limited consolidation of data across systems. A mix of regional and global systems and team spreadsheets limited analytic capabilities and implementing new solutions in this environment was very difficult and costly. The company needed an innovative solution which could provide a sound foundation for future improvements.


A cost-effective foundational data strategy with supporting tools to enable analytics, ERP roadmap, and long-term need for business agility. Method360 introduced, designed, and then built a “Digital Hub” which classifies data into categories: persistent data physically stored in the hub, virtual data stored in source systems, and enhanced data with additional data attributes for expandability.


  • Integrated Data: Provide an integrated and flexible business data view not restricted by current applications designs
  • Data Usability: Expand data usability making easy to access data and extending the use of Analytics tools.
  • New Applications: Facilitate applications replacements by minimizing data requirements created by these changes.
  • Flexibility: Re-use of existing tools and by taking full advantage of new but available technology.

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Real-time 360ﹾ visibility of market demand signals driving 70%+ improvement.



Our client needed to offer new business services and analytics to its customers and internal business groups. Unfortunately, the data required to drive these new business services and analytics came from many disparate source systems with many different data structures. There was no readily effective way to satisfy the data requirements with the existing data foundation that didn’t involve extensive laborious manual intervention. These conditions resulted in a) values that required manual review and correction, b) violations of service level agreement timing and c) a lack of transparency and reliability of where their process had failed and if it would execute without issue on future executions.


Method360 advisory professionals partnered with the client to understand the variances between their source systems. We conducted workshops to harmonize requisite data and standards for data across their business units and systems. We worked with their business and data subject matter experts to understand the business rules that had to be satisfied to ensure that the data was fit for the purposes for which it was being leveraged. The services provided by Method360 included data management advisory and data foundation development across IBM, Microsoft, webMethods and SAP.


Method360 has significantly reduced the client's cost of ownership for supporting the integration between their disparate systems and increased the overall quality and timeliness of the provisioned data. Based on post engagement project activities, our client has well over 1,000 provisioning processes with 99.99% execution success. Method360 also engaged this client in warranty support and the development of new data management processes to meet changing business requirements.

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Improved customer reorder cycle times 27% while improving cash application posting 41%.



The client leveraged multiple legacy systems based on region and purpose that had grown organically over two decades to support the enterprise. Over that time data quality issues had been introduced that the client wanted to identify, prioritize and resolve these issues and put in place a means to govern their data assets moving forward to minimize future issues and maximize value from their data.


Method360 Advisory professionals worked with the client to implement a strategy around Master Data Management (MDM) and how to best leverage their technology investments to ensure data integrity. Method360 conducted workshops with key Business and IT personnel. These workshops consisted of stewardship principals, data discovery, root cause analysis, prioritization, validation rule and scorecard development and messaging strategy.


Method360 helped this valued client more effectively manage its enterprise data and provided guidance on how to better leverage their data as an organizational asset. Tighter governance was put in place which resulted in the organization having enhanced trust in their data. The Method360 team also helped the organization prepare for migration from its multiple legacy systems to SAP.

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Created revenue improvement with responsive demand signal repository and real-time pricing platform.



Working with a world leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness Consumer Goods, with more than 300k employees and operations in almost every country. Method360 proved the capabilities necessary for deployment of an integrated solution built upon SAP Demand Signal Management (DSIM) powered by SAP HANA with key integration into Apache Hadoop.


Method360 provided the much desired knowledge, best practices and real world experience to assist the organization with a strategy and operationalization that best met their short and long-term solution, as well as, aligned with the SAP HANA roadmap and an integration with their big data strategy. Implementation of a real-time consumer products demand signal repository providing 360ﹾ line of sight of sales team pricing decisions and channel inventory levels. Created real-time linkage between sell-in and sell-through inventory positions and generated 10x return on investment upon initial year-over-year post-project benefits realization confirmations.


  • Predict consumer demand by calculating product velocity
  • Identify new sales opportunities
  • More effectively manage retailer inventory
  • Drive agile responses by providing a basis for business forecasting & planning
  • Link suppliers to downstream data
  • Enhance promotion planning capabilities

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Consolidated supply-chain and dramatically improved product cost.



This clothing manufacturer and retailer relies extensively on its point of sale (POS) transaction and stock data to understand the behavior of its customers, the performance of its stores and the reach of its products. Unfortunately, having multiple POS systems (including: eProfit, Europlasma, ICG, K2000, Raymark, Timeless, ToshibaTec and more) meant that this client could not utilize its data without extensive manual intervention resulting in added labor cost and data that was not considered to be reliable.


Method360 implemented a solution standardize these sources into a common structure and harmonize this data in a systematic process.


Our client realized improved data quality through the identification of business rules and implementation of data quality monitoring. Method360 also helped this client to reduced manual processes for the provisioning of data to support reporting and analytics. Through the creation of a common data foundation, Method360 enabled this client to expand their data management capabilities and derive meaningful insights from their data.

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Elimination of millions of dollars in penalties and compliance costs by implementing tracking technology for all US transactions.