We are in a world overwhelmed by data. You may be poorly prepared to consume this data in a way that leads to impact. To compound the situation, you are likely biased. We all are. Biased by your own view of things, by your systems, by your company and its culture.

You could be missing what, in hindsight, was right in front of you. The promise of big data and digital transformation has fallen short for many firms like yours despite the availability of a new generation of technology and your substantial investment.

We believe that much of the money invested has resulted in a new form of institutional blindness. Your analytics summarize what you already know; they do not correlate to the world in which you operate, they are not responsive to change; they reinforce and inwardly focus your already formed perspective. We believe it is time for you to take a broader view.

Moving People


Appreciation for the people element, so missing in big data approaches, is a key element of the Method360 way of doing things. Human bias is often the real culprit behind many of the initiatives in your organization.

San Francisco based Method360 is obsessed with the application of data to drive meaningful insight free of bias. At the intersection of mathematics, economics, cognitive psychology, and the most modern technology is where the world’s foremost problems lie. At Method360, we are committed to tackling challenges of enterprise computing with a new and compelling approach that considers the human element and the influence of bias.

Such perspective requires a method: Method360. We would very much like to discuss the challenges you face.



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