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Discovering new insights that create value.

At Method360 we believe that the technology the world needs has yet to be imagined. As far as we have come, we have that much further to go. The application of technology to the most pressing problems of the enterprise has just begun to go beyond the basic orchestration of administrative tasks. The real promise of technology: compute power creating new levels of optimization, not just accelerating administrative operations. For many years the very design started with an assumption of a human and a keyboard launching every process. Those days are clearly in the past.

The real world and the digital world are merging.

As humans interact with technology it is clear that we must reimagine everything. At Method360 we call this the provocative user experience. We aspire to use machine insight wherever profitable to drive human interactions.

Yet we now face our real obstacle: Bias. The science is clear - humans, when confronted with a new set of facts, will seek to ignore them unless they align to their predisposition no matter how clear the evidence. 

We at Method360 believe in a world where we can connect your internal process data to the markets in which you operate to create a more complete and resilient view. 

We believe that by unlocking data, contexted to the markets in which you operate, and considering the perspective of the humans making decisions, we will discover new insights that create value. We have developed the entirely new design skills needed.

We are crafting new approaches to pricing embedding market-aware intelligence into the process itself. We are unlocking new ways to obtain rapid synergy in M&A. We have new perspectives to offer in the design of Advanced Analytics. The human element, so often overlooked in technology discussions today, will be prominently featured.

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