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"Intelligence consists in ignoring things that are irrelevant."

- Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Pareto Frontier℠
by Method360

Most mergers will fail to realize their cost of capital. Mergers and Acquisitions are difficult, time consuming, and expensive. They create risk.

Your bias may have led you to overpay. Most will fail to fully appreciate the cost of obtaining the promised synergy. Just about all will be overly optimistic regarding the time to synergy capture.

It does not have to be this way.

At mXa we have taken our extensive experience in data integration and put it to work.

Financial Report

Pre Close.

Replacing M&A assumptions with detailed analysis, quickly and accurately, requires data harmonization from disparate processes and systems. Method360's decades of experience with varied tools, cross-industry functional knowledge, and data thought leadership is your partner to prove and disprove assumptions.


The Intersection.

At the intersection of mathematics, economics, cognitive psychology, and the most modern technology is where the world’s foremost problems lie. We at Method360 are committed to tackling challenges of enterprise computing with a new and compelling approach that considers the human element and the influence of bias. 

Unify your data. Unify your decisions. Create synergy. That is the power of the Pareto Frontier solution.

Protect your synergy with Pareto Frontier℠ by Method360. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique case.

Business Meeting

Post Merger Integration.

Step 2 is the Pareto CPS, the harmonization of culture, process, systems. The criticality of the elements and the focus is entirely driven by the output of the Optimum process and the M&A Thesis. Focus on the endgame; unbiased insight is the critical element to creating an optimal result.

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